Astrons was the first serious full feature project i made with my friend. It’s a 2D physics based sandbox game where you can create your own space vehicles from the ground up with the ingame ship editor, use them to gather resources by mining and crafting and upgrade your tech to progress the story. Sadly, we had to stop the project in a pre-alpha state as it took up too much time and resources.

Here is how the ship editor works:

1: First you edit the basic shape of your hull and start placing the basic parts of your ship.

3: Then you can pick a color, material, add decals, and save your ship.

2: Then you can place all the tools. You can move, rotate, and mirror them. Also, you can test the ship anytime during building.

4: Finally you can test your ship in game.

Click here to download

Please do keep in mind, that this was a pre-alpha techdemo. There are a ton of bugs and placeholder elements.