As a CGI Artist and 3D modeler based in the UK, I have a passion for pushing the boundaries of digital art and design.
With over two decades of experience and a never-ending curiosity for new technologies and techniques, I bring a unique perspective and creative vision to every project I work on.

From my early days with Photoshop 4.0 in the late 90s, I have been driven by a love of digital art and a desire to constantly improve my skills. Whether it’s experimenting with new software, exploring uncharted territories, or stepping outside of my comfort zone, I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow as an artist.
With a portfolio that showcases my passion for design, my technical expertise, and my commitment to quality, I am ready to take on any project and bring your vision to life.

Let’s create something amazing together!

3ds Max


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Substance Painter



PaintTool SAI